EDGE Collection

The EDGE Collection is a line of products inspired by a few European designs. Though these designs excelled in concept, they were weak in essential features.


It took the Fleetwood design team over 3 years to complete the designs of the first two products in the Collection, the EDGE |s| and EDGE |f|.
EDGE |p| Pivot Door

EDGE |p|

The EDGE |p| is part of Fleetwood’s premier EDGE Collection of virtually frameless products. Designed for elite luxury homes, it boasts incredible sizes, a water-rated flow-through sill, and is the only pivot door on the market to provide a zero-edge presentation at the jambs....

EDGE_s Multi-Slide Pocket Corner Door

EDGE |s|

The EDGE Collection was designed to conceal as much frame as possible for a ‘zero edge’ experience. The EDGE | s | was created specifically for multi-panel and pocket applications...