Please review our Frequently Asked Questions. If you are unable to find the information you need, please feel free to contact us.

Fleetwood Products

Manufacturing Location?
Fleetwood products are manufactured at our only factory location at 1 Fleetwood Way, Corona, California. To learn more, see Welcome.
Fleetwood is a custom manufacturer of luxury home products with virtually unlimited features and options. As such, price is based on your dream home, not a cost-per-foot. For pricing, please contact a Fleetwood Authorized Dealer. See Dealer Search.
Why is Fleetwood Better than Product X?
Fleetwood’s design and manufacturing philosophy is unique. Others make good products, but we purpose to make products with quality similar to fine furniture. If good is not good enough, we invite you to explore our website, visit a showroom, and carefully investigate self-proclaimed equals.

To learn about distinguishing characteristics, read Market Leadership.

Finish Options?
Fleetwood is offered in anodized aluminum finishes and Kynar 500 painted colors. To learn more about finishes, see Paint & Finishes.
Window/Door Types?
Fleetwood offers a whole-house of product options designed to fit any opening size. Explore all product options in the EDGE Collection, Gen4, and 3-Series product lines.
Glass Options?
While most manufacturers only source one glass manufacturer to rush production and cut costs, Fleetwood provides hundreds of glass choices including insulated, monolithic, or even hurricane glass. Please consider discussing glass options with your Authorized Fleetwood Dealer. See Dealer Search.
Fleetwood products come with a Lifetime Warranty extended to the current owner of the home (transferable). To learn more, read Lifetime Warranty.
Energy Code Compliant?
All Fleetwood products are NFRC certified/labeled and many are designed to meet the strictest compliance measures in North America (e.g. Title-24, Canada, etc). To learn more, see Energy Compliance and Energy Test Results.
How Big?
Fleetwood provides sliding door and glass sizes that other manufacturers should not attempt with panels up to 20’ tall and insulated glass up to 100-sqft. For individual product limitations, please see the respective product page.
Weather Rated?
With few exceptions, all Fleetwood products are for exterior use with varying degrees of performance depending on the location/climate. Careful consideration should be taken to evaluate the appropriate products for your home’s location. To learn more, see Extreme Conditions.
Hurricane Rated?
Fleetwood has six High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) door and window products. Most national manufacturers have zero. Explore all HVHZ product options in the 3-Series product line.


Who are the Best Dealers?
The companies listed in Dealer Search comprise the top 20% of all Fleetwood Dealers. Every dealer meets strict criteria before a dealership is awarded, however, the “Top 20%” are held to higher standards (e.g. full size showroom displays). Many of the remaining 80% dealers may also be a good fit for your project.

If your experience with any of our dealers is anything short of exceptional or you require more dealer options, please feel free to contact us directly. See Contact.

Where is Fleetwood Sold?
Fleetwood is sold primarily throughout North America (US, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, etc) and has Authorized Dealers in many markets. Consider using the Dealer Search to find a dealer near you. If you are unable to find local options, please Contact the factory for assistance.
How Can I Buy?
Fleetwood is sold exclusively through Authorized Dealers to ensure the appropriate handling/servicing of these high-end, custom products. Please use the Dealer Search to find a dealer near you.
Can I Buy Direct?
Fleetwood requires the involvement of a Fleetwood Authorized Dealer for all purchases. If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please see Application.
No Dealer in My Area?
Consider using the Dealer Search to find a dealer near you. If you are unable to find local options, please Contact the factory for assistance. In some cases, the factory will provide Budget Pricing in order to assist designers/homeowners with preliminary budgeting and product selection. An out-of-area dealer be will selected to finalize the process when deemed necessary.
Fleetwood has a rigorous QC process from start to finish and has a rejection rate 300% above the rest of the industry. Why? Fleetwood strives to manufacture products with quality similar to fine furniture.

Every quote from an Authorized Dealer will have a lead-time based on product types and options. It is important to talk to a dealer as early as possible to discuss expectations. To understand more about this process, please see Your Order.

Delivery/Installation Costs?
Fleetwood manufactures custom window and door products, but does not provide installation. For delivery/installation costs, please talk to your Authorized Dealer.


Who Can Install Fleetwood?
Fleetwood does not require factory-authorized installers for the product warranty to stay valid. If Installation Instructions are followed by a licensed installer (C-17, AAMA certified, etc), the product will carry warranty. In many cases, the Fleetwood Dealer is also the installer.
Fleetwood Certified Installers?
Fleetwood does not certify installers, but simply requires adherence to the Installation Instructions and relevant sections of the Care & Maintenance Instructions. In many cases, the Fleetwood Dealer will provide installation as part of their package.
Where is the Product Delivered?
The Fleetwood Dealer will be able to select “Dealer Showroom” or “Jobsite” during the ordering process. We encourage you to discuss both options with your dealer.
How Do I Clean/Maintain My Product?
Fleetwood has a simple Care & Maintenance document containing recommended and mandatory cleaning procedures/schedules for all Fleetwood products. The dealer will also include this document with your order.
How Are Products Serviced?
If the Care & Maintenance Instructions are followed, Fleetwood doors and windows will last 100+ years. If service is needed, contact the original Authorized Dealer or the Fleetwood Service Department for assistance in locating a servicing dealer.
Can I Replace just the Glass?
In most cases, yes! Contact the original Fleetwood Dealer to ensure the correct glass sizes are specified for any new order or warranty claim.