Market Leadership

Dedicated researchers will discover many distinguishing characteristics.

  • 100% devotion to the luxury home market since 1961
  • Boutique dealerships that specialize in luxury home windows and doors
  • Design and manufacture proprietary hardware

True Sustainability & Elite Warranty

  • Sustainability
  • Transferable lifetime warranty regardless of owner
  • Simple Care & Maintenance program
  • ALL products designed for diverse oceanfront environments
  • Sourcing 95% materials locally
  • LEAN manufacturing & high efficiency fabrication

Fine Furniture Quality Standards

  • Multiple QC layers demanding standards exceeding ASTM
    • Government: ACCEPTABLE defect if visible at 10′ (glass and finish)
    • Fleetwood: UNACCEPTABLE defect if visible at 5′
    • Fleetwood: UNACCEPTABLE defect if visible at 3′ in high profile areas (e.g. eye level)
  • Dock‐To‐Door protective packaging
  • Proprietary pre‐finish processes to maximize anodize beauty
  • Pre-paint sanding of all aluminum surfaces before painting
  • Proprietary Features

Superb Hardware

  • 30+ propriety hardware designs (multiple patents & patents pending)
  • Electropolished #316 stainless steel exposed surfaces
  • Certified Swiss sliding door bearings, assembled in California
  • FSB levers and escutcheon plates on hinged, pivot, and folding doors
  • Stainless steel sliding door track insert
  • In-Rail pivot door floor closer

Engineering Infrastructure

  • Large (12+) Engineering/Drafting Department
  • In-House product and hardware design
  • Proprietary software
  • Cutting edge technology, e.g. struts, 3D modeling, Energy Reports, etc.

General Deliverables

  • Thickest glass and aluminum in class
  • Glass in excess of 150+ square feet per lite
  • Close to 1,000 glass choices in “The Big 3″ categories (Cardinal, PPG & Guardian)
  • 207,000 square foot facility on 12 acres with 450+ workforce
  • Inventory of 1,500+ proprietary aluminum extrusions for ‘none the same’ customization

Modern Design Integrity

  • Continuity of design for seamless transition from room to room
  • Performance flush sills, e.g. Series 4070-T, 3070, 3070-T, 4400-T, 3900-T, 3200-T, and 3600-T Arche-Duct
  • Linear, firm extrusion lines compared to soft, round edges
  • Still offers non‐thermally broken sliding doors for slimmer vertical sightlines
  • UltraVue screen mesh (Phifer Wire) is the standard & BetterVue in larger sizes
  • Hidden installation screws and fasteners in most applications
  • FSB brand hinged door levers and escutcheons

Elite Dealers

  • Demanding, yet rewarding dealer program that attracts the elite window specialists in each market
  • Thorough factory and dealer showroom training
  • Fleetwood ONLY posts the top 20% of its dealers online
  • Proprietary Snapshot software available to dealers for immediate pricing

Stunning Sizes

  • Sliding door panels 12′ wide or 20′ tall
  • Pivot door panels 10′ wide or 20′ tall
  • Hinged door panels 5′ wide or 12′ tall
  • Casement window vents 24 sqft
  • Folding door panels 12′ tall
  • Fixed window walls 40′ x 40′

Energy & Weather Performance

  • Onsite weather test chamber (air infiltration, water, and wind)
  • Onsite frost climate test chamber
  • Team of engineers trained and certified to perform a custom thermal envelope analysis specific to the exact windows and doors on each quote. This reveals the true thermal performance characteristics of the window and door package.
  • High Performance (HP) verticals and inserts for meeting higher wind loads
  • Hurricane/Impact products
  • Industry’s only water rated aluminum pivot door