Gen4 products ascended from the 3-Series in a response to luxury home architects. They were yearning for the essential designs of certain 3-Series windows and doors BUT with added features.


The first member of the Gen4 family is the Series 4070-T. Its design intention was to capture the beauty of the Series 3070 yet with larger glass capability and a flush threshold that reveals more flooring instead of track.


The rest of the Gen4 products followed a similar impetus and each holds a unique position in the market.
Gen4 Top 10

  1. Only luxury residential pivot door with a closer in the bottom rail.
  2. Flow-through-floor door thresholds e.g. Arche-Duct, on all door systems vs. slab top.
  3. Swiss precision roller bearings.
  4. Lifetime transferable warranty.
  5. Proprietary hardware instead of overseas, ordinary hardware.
  6. Higher QA standards: 5’ rejection distance vs 10’ (ASTM) & 2’ distance in high visibility areas.
  7. Jumbo sized glass with sight-lines of only 2 ½”.
  8. Fixed system designed for larger openings (30’ x 30’) without structure assistance.
  9. Casement windows with 2 ½” sight-line.
  10. Pivot door drop seal when closed.



To learn more about what sets Fleetwood apart from competing products, contact an Authorized Dealer near you or Fleetwood’s Architectural Department.

Series 4400-T Pivot Door

Series 4400-T

The Series 4400-T, a magnificent pivot door, is part of the Gen4 family and is the only door in its class. Designed for elite luxury houses, it boasts a weather rating and JUMBO sizes with a concealed In-Rail Closer. The patent pending sill design allows for a unabated flow of interior and exterior flooring....

Series 4070-T Multi-Slide Pocket Door

Series 4070-T

The Series 4070-T multi-slide door is the first product in the Gen4 line. This extraordinary door is capable of extreme sizes and features our proprietary Arche-Duct sill that utilizes the finished floor as the threshold....

Series 450-T Awning Window

Series 450-T

The Series 450-T is Fleetwood’s next generation operable window and is part of our elite Gen4 family. New technologies afforded our engineers the ability to design this window to provide more glass, a sleek cube design, an inherent shadow line, and improved energy efficiency. These exceptional traits are complemented with our proprietary Archetype hardware....