EDGE |s|

EDGE_s Multi-Slide Pocket Corner Door
EDGE_s Multi-Slide Pocket Corner Door
EDGE_s Multi-Slide Pocket Corner Door
EDGE_s Multi-Slide Pocket Corner Door
EDGE_s Multi-Slide Pocket Corner Door
EDGE_s Multi-Slide Pocket Corner Door
EDGE_s Multi-Slide Pocket Corner Door
EDGE_s Multi-Slide Pocket Corner Door
EDGE_s Multi-Slide Pocket Corner Door
EDGE_s Multi-Slide Pocket Corner Door
EDGE_s Multi-Slide Pocket Corner Door
EDGE_s Multi-Slide Pocket Corner Door
EDGE_s Multi-Slide Pocket Corner Door
EDGE_s Multi-Slide Pocket Corner Door
EDGE_s Multi-Slide Pocket Corner Door
The EDGE Collection was designed to conceal as much frame as possible for a ‘zero edge’ experience. The EDGE |s| was created specifically for multi-panel and pocket applications.


To discover more about the distinctive features of this product, we created the EDGE |s| Top 10, which are in addition to the outstanding features that accompany all Fleetwood products.
EDGE |s| Top 10

  1. Swiss precision roller bearings the entire track length.
  2. Zero-EDGE finish at head and both jambs.
  3. Luxury proprietary hardware, unique to the EDGE Collection.
  4. Reverse Interlocker technology = a 1” vertical sightline regardless of the configuration.
  5. Fin-Interlocker lock option allows multiple egress locations in one opening.
  6. Glass Key design allows higher wind loads without a Fin-Interlocker.
  7. Glass Key design allows glass sourcing near the house.
  8. Short height threshold allows upper floor installation & less construction costs.
  9. Factory glazed panels instead of 3rd party glued on parts.
  10. Roller design offers owners simple track cleaning.



To learn more about what sets Fleetwood apart from competing products, contact an Authorized Dealer near you or Fleetwood’s Architectural Department.

Product Highlights

Exceptional Hardware
The 3+ year design of the EDGE |s| was largely due to the creation of proprietary hardware, unlike EVERYTHING else in the market.


Finger Operation:

Each panel glides on a sequence of 2” diameter stainless-steel wheels every 6”.Each wheel has a Certified Swiss bearing, making the |s| the smoothest rolling door on the global market.


Archetype Blade Latch:

To achieve a zero-EDGE at each wall, the locking hardware is mortised within the panel Fin. The Archetype Blade hardware is made of marine grade stainless-steel and operates in a simple up and down path.


Blade Case:

When the Archetype Blade is lowered into the locked position, the tapered tip slips into a stainless-steel Case, which is buried flush in the finished floor.



Because the lead vertical is flush with the wall, the Fin-Pull allows easy retrieval. This luxury hardware is comprised of stainless-steel and complements the design of the Archetype Blade.

Practical Performance
The EDGE |s| was designed for luxury home applications anywhere in the world.


Water Performance:

With its unique Arche-Duct drain system, the EDGE |s| far exceeds residential water performance needs and does so with a narrow 5/8” Keel Slot and 3/16″ Slot Drain.


Thermal Performance:

The EDGE |s| perimeter frame is fitted with thermal barriers to maximize thermal performance. Depending on the glass chosen, a U-Factor as low as .31 can be achieved.


Storm Winds:

Though only 1” wide, the Interlocker/Interlocker pairing was engineered for exceptional strength. At 10’ tall, this slim combination withstands a Design Pressure 15. When adding one Fin-Interlocker, it improves to 20. For those interested in maximum wind performance, we insert aluminum stiffeners into a pair of Fin-Interlockers to achieve a Design Pressure 75.


Deflection Resistance:

Though minimal, the EDGE |s| is a robust defender against wind-driven deflection. The strength comes from the continuous engagement of the stainless-steel Archetype Keel with the A4-E Rollers.

Unique Design Features I
The EDGE |s| offers many design features unique to Fleetwood.


Meeting Verticals:

In typical bi-parting systems, the middle sightline is doubled. In contrast, the EDGE |s| maintains the sleek 1″ sightline because of the unique Reverse Interlocker design.


Staggered Tracks:

The EDGE |s| comes standard with staggered sills, jamb, and head tracks to allow the home finishes to dominate the space.


Operation Leverage:

Not only is the |s| the best manually rolling door in its class but it also offers owners more leverage on the lead panel. Most other systems provide a thin platform to pull or push the panel. In contrast, when the Fin Lead-Stile is selected, clients have a sturdy platform which is 100% hidden when closed.


Shallow Fin Depth:

The Fin-Interlocker depth of the EDGE |s| is not as deep as others because the extrusion walls are thicker. Because most views are angled, deeper verticals restrict views.

Unique Design Features II
The EDGE |s| offers many design features unique to Fleetwood.


EDGE |f| Combination:

The |s| offers clients the choice of bottom rail symmetry or asymmetry. For example, in an OXXXXO style door, the fixed panels (“O”) can be made with the |s| bottom rail for a continuous bottom rail sightline OR made with the |f| to achieve a zero-EDGE at the floor line.


Corner Doors:

The Reverse Interlocker ingenuity used for bi-parting doors is also used for a 90-degree NO POST corner door, giving the |s| the top spot in this feature category.



The Glass Key design offers clients a small lip for fingertip operation when a Fin is not desired.


Automation OPTION:

The EDGE |s| is the only thin line sliding door that gives clients the option to automate instead of forcing them to automate. This is only possible by means of the unique Roller design, which positions a 2” diameter wheel under every 6” of each sliding panel.

Minimal, Not Marginal
The essential design intent of the EDGE Collection was ‘more glass, less frame.’


Minimal Exposure:

The only sightlines are the bottom rail (1-3/8”) and the sleek verticals (1”). The remaining extrusions disappear into the surrounding finishes, regardless of the chosen configuration.


Bottom Rail Design:

The |s| bottom rail is pure Archetype genius. Its strength is achieved via the cast stainless-steel Keel and integral Glass Keys. As with a yacht, the Keel guides and stabilizes the panel.


5/8” Keel Slot:

The |s| Keel Slot is slightly wider than similar designs BUT with practical purpose. Most systems require floor removal to perform basic cleaning whereas the |s| does not.


Recessed Wheels:

The Rollers slip into an extruded slot, which is below the finished floor.

Homeowner Sustainable Features
The EDGE |s| is the only door in its category with practical features for a lifetime.


REAL Lifetime Guarantee:

The product warranty goes with the house, regardless of ownership. Others offer a limited warranty to the ‘original purchaser’ who is the builder in most cases.


Local Glass Replacement:

The |s| comes with a maintenance kit that includes a proprietary Glass Key, allowing for future field glazing if needed. Competing designs require replacement glass to be sourced from the factory, some of which are in Europe, adding to the time and cost of glass replacement.


Practical Maintenance:

Each Roller can be easily extracted without removing the panel or the finished floor, allowing for a quick roller and sill cleaning. Similar systems involve flooring damage or extensive maintenance.


Limited Dealer Access:

EDGE Collection products are only available through the top 20% of our Authorized Dealer family, so you can buy the very best from the very best!

Construction Friendly
The EDGE |s| was created for practical construction and installation.


Assisting Installation:

Slot Caps are inserted into all sliding tracks for shipping and installation, in place of the Rollers. This feature limits the weight during installation and reduces potential damage to the Rollers. When the sliding panels are installed, builders can utilize the extra Slot Caps to cover the installed Rollers until ready for full operation.


Construction Cost Savings:

The shallow 2 ½” Arche-Duct costs less to install than typical door styles, especially in upper floors. Most other systems require at least 6” of depth and have complicated pedestals to hold the finished floor.


Protection During Construction:

The Slot Cap is a sacrificial aluminum extrusion to prevent debris from filling the Slot during construction. It also provides the floor contractor with a linear guide during setting.


Draining Choices:

Builders can choose from side drains or bottom drains and the factory will locate each drain where desired.


Fewer Installation Costs:

The EDGE |s| saves labor through smart design. Competing systems require extensive field labor to complete panel assembly. By distinction, the |s| is factory assembled and glazed.

Warranty, Finishes & Glass
The EDGE |s| is offered in a variety of glass types and frame finishes with an unrivaled warranty.


Factory Glazed:

The |s| is the only door in its class offered with factory glazing. The panels arrive fully assembled, helping to ensure the design integrity of the door. The lifetime warranty is the best in the global industry. Transferable Lifetime Warranty


Colors & Finishes:

The |s| frame is stocked in Clear Anodized (Class 1) and Black Anodized (Class 1) finishes, both of which come with a 20-year warranty. Custom paint colors and two custom anodized colors are also available and come with an industry-leading 12-year warranty REGARDLESS of location.


Low-Iron Glass:

The EDGE Collection was designed for homes with an elite view. Fleetwood, therefore, recommends using a low-iron glass because of its superior clarity and energy performance. This is especially important when glass lites are thicker than 1/4″ (6mm). Be aware, some “low-iron” glass from Europe may not possess the same clarity as low-iron glass from North America and the VLT (Visible Light Transmission) rating should be studied.

Proprietary hardware

EDGE-s Archetype Blade Actuator

Archetype Blade Actuator*

EDGE-s Fin-Pull


EDGE-s Sheave and Rollers

Rollers (A4-E, A1-E)*

EDGE-s bottom rail and Archetype Keel

Bottom Rail & Archetype Keel*

*Stainless Steel


Standard Features
Finish: Stock Clear Anodize (Class 1) & Stock Black Anodize (Class 1)
Sub-Floor Draining: Arche-Duct
Roller Wheel Finish: Black-Finished SS or Polished SS
Roller Cover Finish: Black Painted SS or Brushed SS
Glazing: 1.25″
Optional Features

    • Kynar 70% Paint (50% for dark colors, ex. Black)
    • Class 1 Custom Anodize (Light Bronze & Medium Bronze)

Glazing: 9/16″


  • Pocket: PX, XXXP, etc.
  • Multi-Slide: XXX, XXXX, etc.
  • Traditional: XX, etc.
  • No-Post Inside/Outside Corners

Max Panel Width & Height
The EDGE |s| has incredible strength. The panel width and height depend on the customer’s choice of Interlocker design and glass thickness.

Max Panel Width: 120″
Max Panel Height: 180″



Technical Resources

Architectural Details
Architectural Detail Drawings


EDGE |s| & EDGE |f| Combinations


Options Sheets

Revit Families (BIM)
Revit Families

EDGE families are representative models for 3D projects and may not render all frame variants. Confirm final layouts with the Fleetwood Dealer before ordering.


  • Door-Slider-EDGE_s-Multislide (RFA)
  • Door-Slider-EDGE_s-Multislide_Meeting_Stiles (RFA)
  • Door-Slider-EDGE_s-Pocket (RFA)
  • Door-Slider-EDGE_s-Pocket_Meeting_Stiles (RFA)
  • Door-Slider-EDGE_s-90-Deg_Outside_Corner (RFA)

Installation Instructions
The EDGE |s| is a highly engineered product. Fleetwood encourages only trained professionals perform the installation.


Energy Test Results
I. Standard Glass Table


Standard Glass Table


II. Additional Glass Testing


NFRC EDGE_ s Addendum (PDF)

NFRC EDGE_s with EDGE_f O-Panel (PDF)


Simulated Performance Alternative Reports are available upon request.



  • A1 = Aluminum Spacer
  • SS-D = Stainless Steel Spacer
  • A2/TS-D = Warm Edge Spacers
  • ZF = Super Spacer


Default U-Values


Linked reports reflect current testing to NFRC standards. If you have a suggestion for testing an additional type of glass, please email your suggestion to

Sound Test Results
This door was designed for luxury residences, which seldom request sound test data. For comparative analysis only, we provide a Series 3000-T report.
Concept Drawings
Concept/Sample Drawings

Weather Test Results



All testing was performed in a laboratory environment to determine results. These reports are provided to allow Engineers, Architects, and Design professionals reasonable expectations of products and may not illustrate every option, condition, or configuration available. These are for illustration and comparative analysis only.


*Reports exceeding 4 years may not have current 3rd party certification, and will not be labeled.


Current Test Reports:

071922+AAMA+CSA-SI+Non-Impact+EDGE_s_OIXX_287x144_T21-073: (PDF)

100223+86-96+Impact+EDGE_s_XXX_180x120_01993775: (PDF)

100223+A440+Impact+EDGE_s_XXX_180x120_01993774: (PDF)

100223+TAS+Impact+EDGE_s_XXX_180x120_01993776: (PDF)