The market is rife with products and companies that claim some measure of sustainability. But when the topic is windows and doors, there are none that compare with Fleetwood.
Fleetwood Windows & Doors is continually making efforts to be “Green Friendly” and currently leads the fenestration market with the Greenest multi-slide and sliding pocket doors in the United States. Our aluminum products are manufactured using recycled aluminum and glass and offered in inert coatings and finishes. To further promote global sensitivity, 100% of our aluminum scrap is recycled.


Fleetwood’s products are designed for luxury homes. We are proud of our varied ratings and certifications to some of the most credible organizations in North America. We use NAMI to validate our NFRC, NAFS and HVHZ ratings and structural testing certified to the AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440 Standard/Specification for Windows and Doors. Fleetwood windows or doors are a great feature for use in your next LEED project or any home striving to be energy efficient!

Green & Sustainable
One of the nice things about being earth sensitive is that you benefit too!


Sustainable Vs. Green: Wood windows and doors, which are prevalent in luxury homes, are commonly touted as “green” products. Although wood is technically green, don’t be misled – wood is only sustainable if harvested in compliance with a sustainable forest plan. On the other hand, aluminum is an abundant and sustainably harvested resource. In fact, about 8% of the earth’s crust consists of aluminum bauxite. This bountiful supply exceeds global demands and because of its recyclable nature, aluminum is the material for the next century. Additionally, 94% of the world’s supply of bauxite is mined in non-forested regions, minimizing global environmental impact.


Lasts Longer: All windows and doors eventually must be replaced BUT aluminum windows and doors last decades longer than wood and vinyl. Consider the impact on the world’s landfills with all the wood and vinyl waste. As well, imagine the wasted energy on redundant manufacturing of short-lived wood and vinyl windows and doors.


Inert Coatings & Finishes: We offer two types of finishes on our aluminum windows and doors: paint and anodizing. Both processes result in environmentally safe products that do not require refinishing. Because Fleetwood products are factory finished for life, you need only keep them clean. Can you imagine how much toxic waste would be prevented if everyone chose aluminum?
Paint & Finishes


Avoid VOCs: Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemical compounds that outgas from many materials and can pollute the air in your home. Since Fleetwood’s painted finishes are factory cured at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, these compounds are safely removed. Neither wood nor vinyl can provide factory baked coatings.


Friendlier To Firemen: If a fire were to occur in your home your aluminum would not emit toxic fumes. Other window products incinerate quickly and add to the flames but only windows and doors made from metal will not burn. Also, vinyl products are petroleum based and therefore pose a great fire hazard and emit toxic fumes. In fact, some rural communities prohibit vinyl window products.


Remnants Recycled: Window and door fabrication produces waste destined for landfills. However, as part of our waste minimization strategy, 100% of our aluminum remnants are collected and melted down to make new windows and doors. This saves energy because aluminum production from scrap uses 95% less energy and limits the waste stream.


Recycled Metal: Every aluminum window and door is made up of components (rollers, latches, weather-stripping…) as well as extrusions and glass. The extrusions are comprised of virgin aluminum and, on average, 40% – 50% of post consumer recycled content to provide the world with products whose supply is nearly unlimited.


Sustainable Design: Aluminum is a fantastic building product for those concerned about sustainability. It is naturally plentiful and perpetually surviving (recyclability). Moreover, aluminum rates very high in Life Cycle Assessment and leaves a small ecological footprint.


Simplified Logistics: Because aluminum is a relatively lightweight building product, we can ship our windows and doors all over the world with little logistical waste. Even better, our windows and doors are created in such a way that far reaching markets can purchase glass locally and avoid the glass transit costs.

LEED for Homes
Thank you for considering Fleetwood as a partner in your LEED project. The U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED®(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)Green Building Rating SystemTM provides third-party validation that a home has been designed and built to promote sustainability. LEED certification is a voluntary and rigorous process and measures the overall performance of a home in eight categories. LEED can be applied to both commercial and residential buildings and at any point during the building lifecycle. Individual building components themselves are not individually certified, but they can contribute to the points awarded to the project.

Fleetwood products can assist with LEED credits in the categories below.


Energy & Atmosphere

EA Prerequisite 2 Minimum Energy Performance
Fleetwood’s energy-efficient products glazed with high-performance glass can help maximize the energy performance of windows. Fleetwood’s published performance values are NFRC certified.

EA Credit 1 Optimize Energy Performance

Fleetwood offers window products that meet Energy Star® qualification standards. For specific u-factor and SHGC performance values, review Fleetwood’s published NFRC reports. (Limited Product Availability)

EA Credit 2 On-Site Renewable Energy

Fleetwood performance values are NFRC certified and can be used in building envelope modeling to achieve desired goals.


Materials & Resource

MR Credit 4.1 & 4.2 Recycled Content (1 or 2 pts if project materials are 10% or 20% of post consumer + 1/2 pre-consumer recycled content)

Fleetwood’s extrusions are comprised of virgin aluminum and, on average, 40% – 50% of post consumer recycled content.

Fleetwood manufactures all products in Southern California. You may qualify for a regional material credit.


Indoor Environmental Quality
EQ Credit 2 Increased Ventilation
Operable windows can be incorporated as part of a natural ventilation strategy.

EQ Credit 4.4 Low-Emitting Materials

Fleetwood’s factory painted finishes are factory cured at 400 degrees Fahrenheit and any harmful compounds are safely removed.

EQ Credit 8.1 & 8.2 Daylight & Views

Fleetwood products can be used to maximize interior daylight.