Series 450-T

Series 450-T Awning Window
Series 450-T Awning Window
Series 450-T Awning Window
Series 450-T Awning Window
The Series 450-T is Fleetwood’s next generation operable window and is part of our elite Gen4 family. New technologies afforded our engineers the ability to design this window to provide more glass, a sleek cube design, an inherent shadow line, and improved energy efficiency. These exceptional traits are complemented with our proprietary Archetype hardware.

Product Highlights

Design Notables

The 450-T was designed to reduce metal where possible, without compromising strength. The best example is the minimal approach in the exterior edge of the perimeter frame and the limited space around a hinged screen (HWS).


Shadow Line & Fixed Windows:

An added benefit to the ‘cube’ is a natural shadow line that traces the interior and exterior frame/vent junction. A petite sightline fixed window was designed to accompany the operable windows, which maintain the shadow line through the visual sweep of the elevation.


Less Frame = More Glass:

The Series 450-T offers even more glass than the existing slender Series 250-T. This was achieved with a deeper frame at 3” and the effective location of extrusion supports.


No Exposed Weep Slots:

Special attention was placed on hiding weep slots. The Series 450-T was designed to use the inherent shadow line as a full width linear drain, which avoids unsightly cuts, or weep covers.

Unique Traits
Flush Finish:

Each operable window was created to resemble a cube when closed. To achieve this purpose, the Engineering Department broke new ground and designed a vent that finished in true vertical alignment with the perimeter frame.


Cube Design:

The shape of the frame echoes classic Mid Century Modern design but enjoys modern technological advancements.


Concealed Hinges:

Casement windows can be ordered with optional concealed hinges (CCH/HAH), which come standard with the Archetype cam handle.


Hinged Screen:

When concealed hinges (CCH/HAH) are selected on a casement window, we provide a custom designed hinged screen (HWS) that is attached to the frame with Fleetwood designed stainless steel hinges.

Energy & Glass
Custom Strut:

Each Series 450-T is made with a custom formed thermal strut. Fleetwood designed the strut to allow the Engineering Department to fulfill the high expectation design notables.


Convection Blockers:

Despite numerous advancements in technology, air is still the best window frame insulator – unless you have too much. Too much air space reduces its natural thermal benefit. The Series 450-T was created with ‘convection blockers’ to maximize the natural insulation of air.


Glass Choices:

The Series 450-T offers more glass choices than any other aluminum casement window in the luxury home market. This is made possible by the number of glass depth choices and the myriad of glass offered in the industry.

Exclusive American Hardware
Proprietary Cam Handle:

The Archetype cam handle (ACH) designed for the Series 450-T is the ideal balance of minimal design and ergonomics. It features a sleek and linear handle, complemented by a rectangular strike plate. All components are constructed from high-grade stainless steel and through careful design, all fasteners are hidden. Truly, it is more akin to jewelry than window hardware and is best appreciated to the fullest when seen in person.


Proprietary Multi Point Latch:

The Archetype multi point latch (AMP) was engineered for the Series 450-T as the perfect complement to the Archetype cam handle. Made from high-grade stainless steel and crafted with care, it is a work of art.


Proprietary Butt Hinges:

In order to achieve the cube design intent, we needed to create new butt hinges (ABH) for the Series 450-T casement windows. Similar to the Series 250-T hinges, an ideal balance of minimalism and strength were achieved.

Not Simply Screens
Extruded Frames:

Every Series 450-T screen frame is constructed of extruded aluminum to perfectly match the anodized finish of the window frames. Further, the inherent strength encourages decades of painless maintenance.


Minimal Attachment Clips:

The standard screen frame for Series 450-T operable windows is attached to the window frame with petite spring clips (ASC) designed and made by Fleetwood. Each clip is fashioned from stainless steel and allows easy removal of the screen frames for storing or cleaning.


Elite Luxury Mesh:

Fleetwood standard screens ONLY provide elite UltraVue screen mesh for as transparent an appearance as possible.


Archetype Cam Handle (ACH)

  • Electropolished stainless steel
  • Hidden fasteners
  • Ergonomic design and operation
Series 450-T Butt Hinge

Archetype Butt Hinges (ABH)

  • Electropolished stainless steel
  • Minimal profile and barrel diameter
  • Handles 200 lb+ vents.
Series 450-T Multi-Point Latch

Archetype Multi-Point Latch (AMP)

  • Electropolished stainless steel
  • Hidden fasteners
  • Linear design and smooth operation


Standard Features
Stock Anodized Finish: Black (Class 1) or Clear (Class 1)
1″ Insulated Glass with Dark Bronze Spacer
6063 T-6 Extruded Aluminum
Strut Thermal Barriers


3″ Deep Nail-on Frame
Stainless Steel Assembly Screws
Welded Corners & Bolster Key
1/2″ Height Aluminum Sill Pan


Proprietary Cast Stainless Steel Cam Handle and Multi-Point Latch (Casement & Awning)
Encore Roto Handle (Casement & Awning)
Steel Single-Arm / Gear
Stainless Steel Concealed Hinges (Awning)
Proprietary Stainless Steel Butt Hinges (Casement)


Equal Sized Glass
“Cube” Design with Interior and Exterior Perimeter Shadow Lines
Frame and Vent Flush Finish
Exterior Snap-in Glazing (Square Profile Stop)
Extruded Screen Frame with UltraVue Mesh

Optional Features
(See CAD Details for more options)



    • Kynar 70% Paint (50% for dark colors, ex. Black)
    • Class 1 Custom Anodize (Light Bronze & Medium Bronze)

    Glazing: 1-1/4″ & 1-3/4″


    3″ Deep Equal Leg (Block) Frame
    3″ Deep Unequal Leg (Block) Frame
    Unequal Size Glass (TDL Alignment)
    Steel Look SDL


    Truth Stainless Steel Arm / Gear (For Roto Gear Hardware) (Casement & Awning)
    Knob Handle (For Roto Gear Hardware) (Casement & Awning)
    4-Bar Hinges & Cam Handle (Casement & Awning)
    Black Painted Hardware Finish

Max Panel Width & Height
Max Panel Square Footage: 24ft2
C, CC, C/C, A, AA, A/A, H, HH, O-GTF

Technical Resources

Architectural Details


  • Anchor Location Worksheet (PDF)

Revit Families (BIM)

Energy Test Results
I. Standard Glass Table


Standard Glass Table

Standard Glass Table 2


II. Additional Glass Testing:

NFRC Series 450-T Casement (PDF)

NFRC Series 450-T Awning (PDF)

NFRC Series 450-T Hopper (PDF)

NFRC Series 450-T Fixed (PDF)



Simulated Performance Alternative Reports are available upon request.



  • A1 = Aluminum Spacer
  • SS-D = Stainless Steel Spacer
  • A2/TS-D = Warm Edge Spacers
  • ZF = Super Spacer


Default U-Values


Linked reports reflect current testing to NFRC standards. If you have a suggestion for testing an additional type of glass, please email your suggestion to

Sound Test Results
This window was designed for a luxury residence, which seldom requests sound test data. For comparative analysis only, we provide a Series 350-T report.
Concept Drawings
Sorry, there are currently no Concept Drawings available for this product.
Structural Ratings Help Sheet
Weather Test Results


All testing was performed in a laboratory environment to determine results. These reports are provided to allow Engineers, Architects, and Design professionals reasonable expectations of products and may not illustrate every option, condition, or configuration available. These are for illustration and comparative analysis only.


*Reports exceeding 4 years may not have current 3rd party certification, and will not be labeled.


Current Test Reports:

123118+AAMA+CSA-SI+Non-Impact+4800T_450T_OO_XX-O_144x144_T18-072: (PDF)

122823+AAMA_CSA+Non-Impact+450-T_CO_36x120_T23-111: (PDF)

122623+AAMA_CSA+Non-Impact+450-T_O_60x96_T23-107: (PDF)

121523+AAMA_CSA+Non-Impact+450-T_CC_60x72_T23-106: (PDF)

121323+AAMA_CSA+Non-Impact+450-T_C_36x72_T23-105: (PDF)

121223+AAMA_CSA+Non-Impact+450-T_A_72x36_T23-104: (PDF)