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Thank you for choosing Fleetwood! This information is intended to assist homeowners, builders, and architects with the ordering process.

Certified Proposal:

Authorized Dealers are required to furnish all quotes in our Certified Proposal format (noted at the top of the quote header). If the Certified Proposal was not furnished, the pricing is not authenticated by Fleetwood. Dealers are only required to furnish product series and the grand total in order to protect their window/door take-off.
Certified Proposal Example



Many customers want to see samples of certain parts and pieces. These can take anywhere from a few days to a few months depending on the request.



“Shop drawings” are not needed to manufacture the order. On request, Fleetwood will create custom drawings at a charge. Extrusion CAD files are available at no charge for  those preferring to create their own drawings.


Custom Finishes:

Custom finish orders require approval of a color sample before the order can be processed. Obtaining the color sample should begin at least 4 weeks before placing the order, or it will add an additional 3-4 weeks to the delivery time. Builders should account for possible QC issues during fabrication. If key extrusions have to be replaced, it can add an additional 4-6 weeks to shipment.


Custom Options:

Customization requires more fabrication time. Ask our dealer for ways to reduce production time before the order is placed.


Change Orders:

Once the order has been released to the factory, changes to any line item(s) require that the entire order be stopped. The original ship date will NOT be met and a new date will be assigned that is at minimum one week further out.



The automated ship date is firm but requests for an earlier date must be made before the order is placed. Once released to the factory, any changes will delay delivery.


Production Issues:

Mistakes can occur in the factory. Early ordering is recommended on time sensitive projects.


QC Rejections:

Fleetwood sources component products from the highest quality manufacturers available. However, what is received is not always up to our QC standards. When this happens, scheduled ship dates must be delayed until we receive the quality parts we demand. Placing orders early can help mitigate the pain caused by delays.



Fleetwood will deliver your order to our dealer’s delivery address unless otherwise noted on the order. Shipping to the project site can save valuable time and reduce the risk of handling damage. Our products are packaged for protection but each item should be carefully inspected within 48 hours.



It is common for changes to be made to the scope after the installer is brought into the discussion. Coordinate installation early to avoid delays in placing the order and/or change orders.