Proprietary Features

Fleetwood leads the market with a relentless pursuit of minutia refinement. The culture and philosophy of the company makes every component of each product deserving of the most discriminating clients in the world.


(FPA) Finish Pre-Treatment - Anodize
Before anodizing, Fleetwood ‘blasts’ all exposed surfaces with minuscule stainless steel beads to reduce the natural character of aluminum. Most aluminum manufacturers are satisfied with cooling and drag lines, which are patently seen in lighter finishes.
(FPP) Finish Pre-Treatment - Paint
Before painting, all exposed surfaces are sanded with fine grain paper. This is a labor-intensive step that brings about a luster and texture unlike any other. Most manufacturers skip this step or use acid to etch surface lesions. Fleetwood stopped this method decades ago in exchange for a craftsman level of quality.



(ABH) Archetype Butt Hinges
Most window butt hinges are made of steel or aluminum. Steel is strong but corrodes too easily and aluminum is not strong enough to handle large vents. Therefore, every Fleetwood casement comes with four Archetype stainless steel butt hinges. The hinge design is lean yet possesses incredible strength. Customers may choose from painted black or a natural brushed finish.

Archetype Butt Hinges

Series 450-T

Archetype Butt Hinges

Series 350-T

(ADC) Archetype Door Collectors
Robust stainless steel door collectors may be applied to multi-slide systems to “collect” panels as doors are opened. This may also benefit motorized doors. Archetype Door Collector

Archetype Door Collectors
(ACH) Archetype Cam Handle & Strike Plate
The ACH is available on casement and awning windows. It is a textbook synchronization of form and function: hidden fasteners, ergonomic and slender yet robust. Its companion, the ACH Strike Plate, is almost undetectable and a black Delrin center mound eliminates finish scraping. Archetype Cam Handle & Strike

Series 450-T

Series 450-T

(AEP) Archetype Edge Pull
Industry edge pulls are usually too frail to handle the combined weight of more than two or three panels. Fleetwood designed an edge pull made of cast stainless steel that will not disengage during operation and can handle extreme weather without deteriorating. Archetype Edge Pull

Archetype Edge Pull
(AMP) Archetype Multi-Point Latch
The AMP is only offered on the Series 450-T. The shape is classic modern and made from cast high-grade stainless steel. Perceptive clients appreciate the hidden fasteners as well as the adjustable tension to eliminate rattling. Archetype Multi-Point Latch

Archetype Multi-Point Latch
(AHL) Archetype Handicap Lever
To assist those with gripping challenges, we designed the AHL which works in conjunction with our Archetype Locking Hardware and is easily interchangeable. The lever is cast with marine-grade stainless steel and like all other Archetype hardware, the exposed surfaces are completed with an electropolish finish. Archetype Lever

Archetype Handicap Lever
(ASC) Archetype Screen Clips
Typical projected windows screw on plastic swivels to “grab” the screen frame. Fleetwood engineered electropolished stainless steel flex clips that do not penetrate the aluminum and are easily removed for annual cleaning. Clips are offered in natural stainless or painted black.

Series 350-T Flat Screen Clip
(ALH) Archetype Locking Hardware
Fleetwood recognized 25+ years ago that its hardware partners were leaving the USA for cost savings. Fleetwood’s only option was to design and manufacture hardware suitable for elite luxury homes. ALH is constructed with series-3 and series-4 stainless steel and carries a US patent. Archetype Locking System

Archetype Locking Hardware
Archetype Locking Hardware, Narrow
(AWL) Archetype Window Latch
The AWL is in a class of its own – by a long way – and is exclusive to Fleetwood sliding windows. Constructed of cast, marine-grade stainless steel, it offers a self-latching mechanism in a classic modern shape. Careful attention was applied to the ergonomics to achieve maximum comfort yet minimal presentation. Archetype Sliding Window Latch & Strike

Archetype Window Latch
(ALP) Archetype Lock Face Plate
Every ALP is hand crafted from series-4 stainless steel and designed as an ideal complement to the Archetype hook latch. Discriminating clients appreciate the precision aluminum tooling that abuts each ALP.
(CCH) Casement Concealed Hinges
When cam handles are chosen as the operating hardware, the hinges are hidden. Each vent comes with two 4-Bar stainless-steel hinges that disappear when closed. The hinges are easily adjusted to achieve the desired tension.

Series 450-T 4Bar Hinges open
(ARS) Archetype Rolling System
Why do Fleetwood sliding doors operate better than all? Fundamental design principals. Our original track design from the 1950’s is essentially the same today. The key is the convex peak, which is perfectly married to the concave section of each Archetype roller. This creates an ideal distribution of energy with minimal friction. Further consider that each roller is made with Certified Swiss precision bearings and is assembled by Americans. Archetype Rolling System

Archetype Rolling System A4 rollers


Archetype Rolling System A2 rollers


(HAH) Hopper/Awning Concealed Hinges
Each hopper comes with two 4-Bar stainless-steel hinges that disappear when closed. Each hinge is easily adjusted to achieve the desired tension.

Hopper and Awning Concealed Hinges
(ASP) Archetype Strike Plate
The Archetype Strike Plate was created to pair with our Archetype Locking Hardware. The beauty and strength of the ASP is like none on the market. Lower quality sliding doors attach the strike plate instead of making it one with the extrusion. The ASP provides plenty of adjustment and comes standard with a stainless steel dust box to hide the rough wall.

Archetype Strike Plate
(HWS) Hinged Window Screen
When cam handles are desired, screens pose a challenge. Many windows offer a ‘doggie door’ to access the cam lever but this detracts the view. We designed an extruded frame that hinges from Archetype mini butt hinges. To secure the screen, we provide a hidden magnet. Along with UltraVue screen mesh, cam handles no longer pose a challenge for Fleetwood casement and awning windows.
(ATI) Archetype Threshold Insert
Ordinary sliding doors cover the roller track with a metal cap. In the 1970’s, Fleetwood used the cap method but soon discontinued it because it does not last long enough. Lifetime Warranty. The key to our design is the convex peak of the stainless-steel insert, which perfectly fits the concave section of each Archetype roller. This creates an idyllic distribution of energy with minimal friction. Archetype Rolling System

Archetype Threshold Insert
(SFD-3) Sub Floor Draining System – 3-Series
The Arche-Duct allows a flow-through finished floor with hurricane water performance. A fluoropolymer painted aluminum basin is positioned to be flush to the flooring. Threaded couplings allow the builder to easily connect to the main structure draining system.
(SFD-4) Sub Floor Draining System – Gen4
The 4070-T Arche-Duct offers more finished floor than the SFD-3 for applications requiring basic water performance. The jamb-to-jamb slot drain collects the water and directs it to the main structure draining system.
(SFD-E) Sub Floor Draining System – EDGE
The Arche-Duct is integral to each product within the EDGE Collection. It provides safe evacuation of water and connects seamlessly to the main structure draining system.
(A4-E) Keel Sheave
The A4-E is an engineered system of four wheels designed to work in conjunction with multiples of A4-E and A1-E to achieve the ideal surface for the Keel to glide upon.
(A1-E) Keel Sheave
The A1-E has one purpose, which is to be a supplement to the panel of A4-E systems.



(2-PT) Two-Point Locking System
The Series 3200-T comes equipped with a stainless-steel spring-loaded latch and thumb turn. An FSB lever and escutcheon plate complete the package.

Two-Point Locking System
Two-Point Locking System
(AFP) Archetype Floor Pivot
The AFP is made of marine grade stainless steel and has two components. The solid base measures 3-5/16” x 4” x 7/8” and attaches to the slab structure with four 3-1/4” concrete screws. The top section is 7/16″ thick and is bolted to the base with four 1/4” x 1/2” stainless machine screws that allow ample adjustment before securing. Once the finished floor is completed, the lower portion is completely hidden inside the panel bottom rail.


Archetype Floor Pivot
(5-PT) Five-Point Locking System
When the FSB lever is lifted, 5 different locking devices are employed. Two shoot bolts penetrate the sill and head while the other three engage the jamb. For added security, we provide a stout deadbolt operated by a thumb turn.

Five-Point Locking System
(AFP-R) Archetype Floor Pivot - Remodel
The AFP-R is constructed of solid stainless steel and features a minimal base measuring 7/16″ thick. The base is bolted to the floor and offers adjustability for a perfect installation. As with the AFP, the top of the AFP-R hides inside the 4400-T bottom rail so only the flooring is seen.


Archetype Floor Pivot - Remodel
(AHS) Adjustable Hinges – Savio
The Series 3900-T is the only hinged door on the market with adjustable hinges strong enough to handle 400 lbs. The versatility of the Savio is equal to its strength and beauty, as it offers three different adjustments. Each hinge is either anodized or painted to match the door finish.

Adjustable Hinges by Savio
(AHP) Archetype Head Pivot
The Series 4400-T top pivot was designed and is manufactured by Fleetwood. Conventional head pivots use common steel and lack features expected in the luxury home arena. The Archetype Head Pivot (AHP) offers these features:

  • Constructed of 300 Series stainless steel (ideal combination of strength and corrosion resistance).
  • Stealthy design and the limited exposed stainless has a brushed finish to complement locking hardware.
  • The strongest pivot pin and adjustment arm for superior durability and ease of adjustment.
  • Extended length pin for greater security and wind load strength.


Archetype Head Pivot
(AHT) Adjustable Hinges – Truth
The Series 3200-T was designed around a unique hinge from Truth. It is robust enough to handle hundreds of pounds yet offers two points of adjustment. Each hinge is buried into the frame and panel for a flush presentation.

Adjustable Hinges by Truth
Adjustable Hinges by Truth
(IRC) In-Rail Floor Closer
Our Series 4400-T was designed around cutting-edge closer technology by FritsJurgens. Each mechanism hides in the bottom rail, handles a 1000 lbs. load, and comes with a 90 degree hold open. The IRC fits snugly into the Archetype Floor Pivot (AFP), which provides a robust platform and offers adjustment for a perfect fit.

In-Rail Floor Closer
(SFD-4) Sub Floor Draining System
The Arche-Duct sub-floor drain is available on swinging products, allowing consistent flush sills on every opening in the home. The austere, jamb-to-jamb slot drain collects the water and directs it to the main structure draining system.
(PDS) Pivot Drop Seal
To improve performance of the SFD-4, the Series 4400-T comes with an additional weather seal. The PDS resides in a hidden slot and compresses against the finished floor when the panel closes.
(SFD-4) Sub Floor Draining System
The Arche-Duct sub-floor drain is available on swinging products, allowing consistent flush sills on every opening in the home. The austere, jamb-to-jamb slot drain collects the water and directs it to the main structure draining system.