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Multi-Slide Pocket Door High Performance Interlockers

August 2014: Extreme Height Sliding Doors

How is Fleetwood able to provide 18' sliding doors in the Series 3070 and 12' sliding doors in the Series 3070-T? Aside from the unique tracking system and rollers (Swiss Bearings) these doors come equipped with High Performance (HP) verticals that do not widen the sight-lines but provide exceptional rigidity. HP 3070 HP 3070-T

April 2014: Custom Angle Corner Doors

Sliding corner doors, other than at 90 degrees, require special fabrication. Fleetwood provides solid aluminum shapes for custom angle corner doors whereas most use brake metal. Because brake metal is an inferior alloy compared to 6063 extruded aluminum, it lacks the strength needed to pass the building codes for locking security. Additionally, the solid aluminum shapes provided by Fleetwood can be anodized to match the rest of the door whereas brake metal aluminum anodizing crazes at the corners, causing many manufacturers to paint this section.

April 2013: Narrow Style Hardware Design

Our entry-level sliding door products (Series' 1070, 1050, 1000) come with hardware available from the "industry", which is primarily overseas production. The quality of this hardware falls short of our customer's expectations. We have made a commitment to design our own hardware, which will aptly be called "Archetype Narrow". It will come standard on all entry-level sliding doors silver painted but will also be offered on the premium product lines (Series' 3070, 3050, 3300, 3000) with a narrow lock stile and in #316 alloy stainless steel. The designs were completed weeks ago and we anticipate the arrival by September.

October 2012: New Products & Additions

ONE: Designs are completed for the Series 3200-T hinged door. It has begun the five-month development process and is on pace to be ordered by March 2013. TWO: The Series 3070-T and Series 3300 sliding doors will soon have a new style interlocker AND a high performance option. The factory is currently verifying the first articles and anticipate to have finished material on the factory floor by December 1st. The new design has rigid struts in place of the poured-in-place polyurethane.
Television show "The World's Most Extraordinary Homes"

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

This property series follows architect Piers Taylor and actress Caroline Quentin as they experience the world's most extraordinary homes around the world. The first episode (available on NETFLIX) features two homes in the United States that use Fleetwood Windows & Doors to exploit the incredible views available in these extreme environments.