Paint / Finish Options


Aluminum Products

Kynar 70% (Std 2-Coat, Non-Exotic) Special Order Paint Colors
  Kynar 70% XL (Custom 3-Coat, Exotic) Special Order
Coastal Finish Option If your home is within 3 miles of salt water, we strongly recommend Edge Armor. It is a finish procedure option that involves total fabrication of your product BEFORE painting so all edges are armored with the same protective finish as the rest of the window or door. This option costs considerably more but the value is well worth the cost. As well as the aesthetic benefit, Edge Armor comes with a 10-year warranty. It is only available in painted applications (no anodizing) and is not offered with thermally broken products.
Anodized Clear Anodized, Class I Stock
Dark Bronze Anodized, Class I Stock Anodized Finishes
  Custom Earth Tones Special Order