Custom Earth Tones: Anodize Finishes
Light Bronze (F1) & Medium Bronze (F3)


In addition to our stock Class 1 Dark Bronze and Class1 Clear anodize finishes, Fleetwood offers two (2) custom earth tone shades.

Shade Variations
Customers interested in these gorgeous finishes need to understand the inherent challenges of custom shade anodized finishes. Specifically, extrusion wall thickness, alloy variations, and other variables make it virtually impossible to produce a consistent shade for all parts on one window, let alone several windows.

Our dealers are required to sign a disclaimer before the factory accepts an order for custom anodize. The disclaimer makes it clear that the window/door products may come with a mixture of the target shade and some material with a full shade lighter and darker. Our QC Department will make every effort to minimize variations.

Field Inspections
One of the desirable traits of an anodized finish is its apparent "depth". Similar to staining on wood, anodizing reveals the natural character and beauty of aluminum. In shades between clear and dark bronze, lighting and viewing angles cause the shade to appear different. Shade compliance must be done under diffused lighting, as a side-by-side comparison with the target shade. The samples provided on our aluminum finish sheet will be used as the standard.