Product News

  • Black Paint: Paint formulas have changed over the years, making wet applied black paint (e.g. Kynar) more difficult to manufacture. For several months we have limited black paint to those formulas with a higher content of carbon, but even these shades are subject to finish marring through the fabrication process. We are therefore no longer accepting any orders for black painted material until we can find a finish process that is acceptable. Specifically, we are investigating powder coating. Until this project is finalized, dealers are encouraged to purchase dark bronze anodizing. (3/2017)
  • Roto Gear Cover: In an effort to make the hardware more attractive, we are now providing a cover plate for the underside of the roto gear operator housing. (3/2017)
  • Series 3800-T Glass Stop: The Series 3800-T now offers a unique design glass stop that accommodates 1-1/4" glazing. The shape transforms the flush presentation to that of a tiered design. This option is available on orders placed after April 1st, 2017. (3/2017)
  • Retiring Series 2000: With tightening energy codes, the Series 2000 is more challenging to sell. We are retiring this fine product on May 1, 2017. We will accept orders through April 30, 2017. (3/2017)
  • Improved Installation Clip: The sill clip for False Jambs on the Series 3000-T sliding door has been improved. The new method uses the hidden sill block instead of an "L" shaped clip. This has been updated on all installation instructions. (1/2017)
  • Odd Angle Corner Doors: The aluminum bar stock material that is formed to the desired angle is an alloy that does not anodize the same as the 6063 material used on the rest of the door. We are therefore no longer offering odd angle corner doors in custom anodized finishes. We are however offering this option in pained finishes. Additionally, we will offer this shape painted Silver and Black for stock Clear Anodize or Dark Bronze Anodize finishes, respectively. (1/2017)
  • Part Name Changes: Most of our sliding door lock stiles offer an optional adapter to add rigidity. The current names for these parts are: HP Adapter & Windload Adapter. Starting in 2017, the names will change to be more intuitive, following the interlocker "HP" designation for high performance.

           Single wing adapter: HP1 Adapter
           Double wing adapters: HP2 Adapter and HP2-T Adapter 

    Within 4 months, a thermally broken single wing adapter will be available and it will aptly be named HP1-T Adapter. (12/2016)
  • Series 4070-T Update: The Design Team made improvements to the new A4 roller, which required panel extrusion changes. These changes added 4-6 weeks to the original estimate of 2-1-17. The Series 4070-T is now on schedule to be ready for ordering sometime during the first quarter of 2017. (11/2016)
  • WATER - Large Window Results: The Engineering Department just completed testing of a Series 3800-T @ 30' x 12'. The configuration consisted of three horizontals and four verticals. The water pressure achieved was 12 psf which is a high rise commercial performance. Even better, the result was achieved with fewer weep slots than currently provided in similar configurations. (10/2016)
  • STRUCTURAL - Large Window Results: The Engineering Department just completed testing of a Series 3800-T @ 30' x 12'. The configuration consisted of three horizontals and four verticals. The window-wall successfully passed a 25DL test. (10/2016)
  • Skeletal Hinged-Screen Corner Key: Fleetwood's redesign being the perfect balance of strength, functionality and weight provides a tighter corner joint. This new corner will become standard for all products sold after 10/18/2016. (10/2016)
  • Series 3500 Phase Out: The success of the Series 3900-T has prompted for the discontinuation of the Series 3500 hinged door. This door will only be available for ordering through 2016. Beginning 1/1/2017 no orders will be accepted. (10/2016)
  • Series Name Change: Starting in 2017 the Series 3300-T will change to Series 3000-T. (10/2016)
  • Glass Deflection: Though some types/sizes move more than others all glass deflects. The most common glass thickness chosen for Fleetwood products is 6mm (1/4"). Granted, most of the time glass comes in an insulated unit but nonetheless the lites are individually 6mm thick and will flex considerably in sizes larger than 40 square feet. Dealers should inform customers of this normal movement, assuring them it will NOT affect Fleetwood's warranty. Review Making the Right Choices section on the Homeowner drop down menu, and then select "Choosing the Right Product". (9/2016)
  • Improved Roller Series 250: We will soon be shipping all Series 250 sliding windows with an even better roller. The new roller has a larger bearing and will therefore improve operation. Once current inventory is depleted the new rollers will be installed in each sliding panel. (9/2016)
  • Roto Gear Cover: If roto gear hardware is installed above eye level the underside reveals fasteners and undulations. Over the next few months you will begin to notice a cover will be present. (9/2016)
  • Product Labeling: All products with factory glass are shipped with an Energy Performance label (NFRC, Simulated or Default). This label also indicates the factory invoice/order number, which makes product indentification easier after the factory packaging has been discarded. (8/2016)
  • 250-T Hinged Screen Hinges: Beginning on orders shipped after October 1, 2016 all Dark Bronze Anodized hinged screens will come standard with black painted hinges. (7/2016)
  • New HVHZ Results: The Florida Building Code (FBC) has recently approved additional testing for the Series 3070-HI and 3070-T Sliding Door Systems: Straight/Pocket and Corner Conditions; unlimited frame widths up to 60" wide panel centerlines; and 144" frame height. Note: the Series 3070-T is limited to 120" frame height. (6/2016)
  • Series 3600-T Flush Sill: Effective immediately, the net frame height (NFH) will now be measured from the bottom of the flush sill to the top of the head. The same change is also being made to the Series 3600. Note: The NFH for all sub floor products will be measured the same way. (6/2016)
  • Series 250-T Black Hinges: The default finish for dark bronze anodized casement windows will now be black painted stainless steel hinges. (6/2016)