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Fleetwood Windows & Doors provides a transferrable limited lifetime 1warranty. Non-single family projects are provided a two (2) year warranty.

Hardware & Components:
  • Free from all defects in material and workmanship that significantly impair operation and usage.
2Insulated Glass:
  • Free of significant obstruction within the air space (e.g. chips, scratches, fingerprints, moisture and discoloration) for ten (10) years. From year eleven (11) forward, a charge equal to 50% retail price will be charged to the Dealer.
  • Glass exceeding 70 square feet and laminated glass are limited to five (5) years.
  • Butt glazed units are limited to one (1) year.
Monolithic Glass:
  • Free of significant obstruction for the life of the product.
  • Butt glazed laminated lites are limited to one (1) year.

3Aluminum Anodized or Painted Finishes (AAMA 2605):

  • Limited to twelve (12) years, regardless of location (Care & Maintenance Instructions). Requires documented cleaning.
Remedy: The Authorized Dealer must submit the six-digit Confirmed Order number. If the Authorized Dealer is no longer active or refused to be the liaison, an Authorized Dealer must be hired.

Exclusions: Products for which FLEETWOOD has not been paid in full. Labor, shipping and any expenses related to replace or repair. Non-factory modifications. Failures caused by structural settlement, vibration, corrosion, localized heat exceeding 150 degrees, acts of nature, product abuse, harmful fumes, vapors or chemicals. Temporary metal bowing from direct heat (thermal twisting), uniform finish fading, finish crazing on lighter anodizing shades. Glass cracks, surface damage, breakage, rattling of grids between glass panes, normal distortion, failure resulting from installation in high moisture areas, failure to order capillary tubes or properly close them, applied film and normal glass deflection. Pivot door closers older than 10 years. Glass and aluminum finishes possess natural imperfections. Fleetwood uses a 5' determination distance whereas the Federal Government (ASTM) allows 10', e.g. "Coatings shall be visably free from flow lines, streaks, blisters or other surface imperfections in the dry film state on exposed surfaces when observed at a distance of 10' @ a 90 degree angle to the surface" {AAMA 2605-3: 5.0/5.2}

The foregoing warranty and remedies are exclusive and are made expressly in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, whether in fact or by operation of law statutory or otherwise. Fleetwood neither assumes nor authorizes any other person or entity to assume for it any other liability in connection with the sale, installation or use of the product. In no event will Fleetwood be liable to the purchaser for any damages including but not limited to, any direct, special incidental or consequential damages arising out of or relating to the sale, installation or use of or inability to use the product or any claim by any other party.

Fleetwood  Windows & Doors Warranty Service Department
PO Box 1086 * Corona * California * 92878-1086

Homeowner Records
Authorized Dealer ________________________________________________________
Confirmed Order Number (6-digits) __________________________________________

1Dealer Terms & Conditions and Care & Maintenance Instructions are made a part of this warranty and are available upon request.
2The homeowner should confirm the Authorized Dealer only provided Fleetwood warranted glass.
3The homeowner should confirm the Authorized Dealer only provided Fleetwood finished aluminum.