Series 850-T Casememt Hardware

General: Some of the standard hardware is constructed of coated steel and will perform well in corrosive environments with regular Care & Maintenance.  Failure to provide special care will result in premature degradation. Optional stainless steel components also require regular care and maintenance to ensure a long life.
Rotogear Operator & Multi-Point Lock: The standard "brushed silver" rotogear operator and multi-point lock lever are constructed of plated zinc and will therefore need regular care. Optional colors (black and gray) are painted zinc and will perform better in corrosive applications.
Rotogear Mechanism & Arms: The standard rotogear mechanism and arms are made of coated steel and will therefore need regular care. Stainless steel is optional and strongly recommended in corrosive environments.
Multi-Point Slide Rod: The standard concealed operating rod is constructed of stainless steel and is operated by the multi-point locking lever.
Concealed 2-Bar Hinges: The standard 2-bar hinges are made of stainless steel and are concealed when the vent is closed.
Optional Butt Hinges: The optional butt hinges are constructed of extruded aluminum and stainless steel bushings. Each hinge is factory finished to match the window frame.