Energy Compliance

Metal windows and doors face increasingly stringent u-value requirements, making energy compliance more difficult. In the commercial arena, these same metal windows pass without difficulty because the government has discriminated against residential projects.

Fleetwood offers a number of tools to allow design professionals an effective way of meeting energy codes without compromising major design components.

  • Multiple Product Choices: Fleetwood offers three basic product lines: Thermal Frame Premium; Premium; and Entry Level (Narrow Style). Unless the project is located in a harsh cold climate, either of the non Thermal Frame product lines should be sufficient. In fact, though Thermal Frame products achieve better u-values, they are often times NOT the best choice because of limited sizes and reduced wind load strength resulting from the polyurethane thermal structure.

  • Hundreds of Test Results: Within each of our three product lines we provide NFRC test results online. From the main menu, select the PRODUCTS tab and once a particular window or door is selected, follow the TESTING link under the picture on the right side of the page.

  • Energy Report Summary: Also, within each of our product lines we provide a weighted average report on every quote. This information is an extraction of the specific NFRC results as it pertains to each line item of the quote. This information is often provided to the energy consultant who then plugs the data into the compliance software.

  • Custom Energy Report: Perhaps our most exciting tool is the one used the least. Upon request and at no charge, we will run a custom energy report based on the quote specifics. In other words, the Energy Report Summary (see above) is extracting test data based on small test specimen sizes. These sizes were established primarily for tract housing whereas most custom homes include windows and doors that FAR exceed the test specimen size. The Custom Energy Report takes into account the actual sizes of the windows and doors and as such, the glass is a greater percentage of each opening and the overall u-values drop substantially.

    • The NFRC test specimen matrix was set-up for Prescriptive Packages wherein the builder would NOT be using software but rather accepting what was "prescribed."
    • Many are unaware that the u-value test is actually a sham. The "operable" window or door is completely sealed at all seams and weep holes so ONLY THE GLASS AND FRAME CONDUCTION are measured. This of course benefits wood and vinyl but unfairly harms metal products.
    • Design professionals should be confident when approaching the Planning Department because Fleetwood is using the exact software used by NFRC. The Custom Energy Report, however, reports the u-values based on that specific home rather than a typical tract house, using the specific sizes of each window and door opening.
    • Energy compliance software such as REScheck offers compliance experts many items within the house envelope to upgrade in order to allow the desired windows and doors to remain a key aspect of the design.

Allow Fleetwood and its network of exceptional dealers to assist you in bringing your window and door package into compliance.