Series 850-T: Casement
Series 850-T: Awning

The Series 850-T casement and awning windows remain the elite class in the window marketplace for many reasons. The Series 850-T series meets or exceeds the HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone) requirements for missile impact rated product. Print 850-T Brochure Page      Print Product Brochure
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Safety & Noise    Print Safety & Noise Section Only
  Missile Impact
  Sound Abatement

  Security Advantages
  Fire Heat Resistance
Maintenance & Installation    Print Maintenance & Installation Section Only
  Vermin Resistant
  Basic Care
  Resilient Metals
  Helping Installers
Energy    Print Energy Section Only
  Selecting Your Glass
  Why Aluminum Lasts Longer
  Passive Solar Energy
  Hybrid Energy Blockers
Hardware   Print Hardware Section Only
  Dual Arm Operators
  Optional Butt Hinges
  Awning Hardware
  Coastal Hardware Upgrade
  Concealed Hinges
Green Friendly  Recycle  Print Green Friendly Section Only
  Sustainable Design
  Constructed W/ Recycled Aluminum
  Eco Smart
  Landfills Impacted
  Preserving Rainforests
  No VOCs Released
Strength & Beauty   Print Stength & Beauty Section Only
  Tucked Away
  Declining Sill
  Strength Of Each Corner
  Problems Diverted
  Hidden Thickness
  Fixed & Operable Symmetry
Corrosive Climates & Finishes   Print Corrosive Climates & Finishes Section Only
  Anodic Colors
  Unique Paint Colors
  Stainless Steel Lever
Everest 850 
  Product Features
  Technical Resources
Thermal Extrusions
Thermal extrusions reduce the transfer of heat and cold, through the extrusion, by stopping that unwanted energy with a barrier material. Fleetwood uses two methods: Pour/De-bridge and I-Strut. The former process involves pouring polyurethane into an extrusion cavity and removing the underside once the liquid hardens. The I-Strut process involves mechanically joining a polyamide strut to two separate extrusions. Both are proven systems and each offers the Fleetwood Design Team with varying benefits.
Thermal Break
For budget driven jobs, Fleetwood offers optional products. See the Homeowners menu above.