Series 850-T Awning Hardware

General: Some of the standard hardware is constructed of coated steel and will perform well in corrosive environments with regular Care & Maintenance.  Failure to provide special care will result in premature degradation. Optional stainless steel components also require regular care and maintenance to ensure a long life.
Rotogear Operator & Optional Security Locks: The standard "brushed silver" rotogear operator and jamb latches are constructed of plated zinc and will therefore need regular care. Optional colors (black, white, & grey) are painted zinc and will perform better in corrosive applications.
Rotogear Mechanism & Arms: The standard rotogear mechanism and arms are made of coated steel and will therefore need regular care. Stainless steel is optional and strongly recommended in corrosive environments.
Concealed 2-Bar Hinges: The standard 2-bar hinges are made of stainless steel and are concealed when the vent is closed.