Series 2000: Casement
Series 2000: Awning
Series 2000: Hopper

The Series 2000 is available in all world markets; however it was designed specifically for homes desiring thinner lines. Print 2000 Brochure Page      Print Product Brochure
Hardware & Style    Print Hardware & Style Section Only
  Symmetrical Grouping
  Full Length Latching
  Custom Configurations
Earth Concerns   Recycle   Print Earth Concerns Section Only
  Environmentally Preferred
  Preserving Rainforests
  Environmentally Safe Coatings
Window Installation & Upkeep   Print Installation & Upkeep Section Only
  Leak Stoppage
  Basic Upkeep
  Everyday Use
  Intruder Resistant
Energy Enhancements   Print Energy Enhancements Section Only
  Choosing The Right Glazing
  Passive Solar Energy
  Protecting Valuables
  Glazing Choices
Neat & Strong   Print Neat & Strong Section Only
  Corner Bolstering
  Extruded Screen
  More Corner Strength!
  Extrusion Thickness
Finishes & Corrosive Climates     Print Finishes & Corrosive Climates Section Only
  Earth Tone Anodic Colors
  Coastal Finish Suggestion   
  Stainless Steel Lever
  Coastal Hardware Upgrade
Glenwood Windows 
  Product Features
  Technical Resources
  • Standard Features
  • Optional Features
  • Hardware Page
  • Typical Configurations:
    C, CC, A, COC
  • Max Panel Width:
    • Casement: 33"
      (4-Bar & Egress Hinges)

    • Casement: 42"
      (Butt Hinges)
  • Max Panel Height:
    • Awning: 59"
    • Casement: 72"
      (Butt Hinge)
    • Hopper: 59"
    (Max width & height are not necessarily available in combination)
For budget driven jobs, Fleetwood offers optional products. See the Homeowners menu above.