Multi-Slide Doors

Fleetwood offers a complete line of multi-slide doors to meet the challenges of design professionals around the country.

Norwood 3070-EX: This door was designed for exterior applications and is able to accomodate large panel sizes. Hundreds of custom multi panel and pocket configurations make this system one of the most versitile. Mammoth Rollers and Patent Pending Archetype Hardware make this system an industry leader.

Norwood 3070-CR: The "CR" is the thermally enhanced version of the Norwood 3070-EX. Along with the outstanding features of the "EX", the "CR" boasts tremendous energy efficiency as a result of its unique thermally broken panels.

Norwood 3050: Designed for interior applications, this system has unique features that design professionals are taking advantage of in exterior applications. The "Hidden Track System", Archetype Hardware and Mammoth Rollers are just a few of the features that make this system popular.

Norwood 3070-HI-WG: This system is designed and tested to exceed the Miami-Dade County, Florida large missile impact test requirements. Miami-Dade County, Florida NOA No. 08-0516.01 (exp. 11/28/2013). This door has also passed requirements for a 90-degree corner door.