Spotlight Archive

November 2017: 90-Degree Folding Door Corner Released

  • Fleetwood's Series 3600-T is now available... More

October 2017: BIG GLASS!

  • Fleetwood leads the industry by offering insulated glass up to 70 square feet whereas most max out 55 square feet. But 70 square feet was not large enough... More

September 2017: Lifetime Warranty

  • On September 11th, Fleetwood released a new version of its lifetime warranty. Though all lifetime warranties... More

August 2017: Engineering Department Expansion

  • Fleetwood recently hired two... More

July 2017: Series 4070-T Video

  • A video was created to introduce the Series 4070-T as the only product of its type. The 4070-T was designed with several unique features but the two garnishing the most interest are... More

June 2017: Patent Pending Sill Design

  • The Series 4070-T was introduced to the market on June 1, 2017. Many aspects of the 4070-T are noteworthy but none greater than the sill design, which is in process of receiving a US Patent. Several products exist with sub floor draining but none as unique as this door system.

May 2017: NEW Series 3800-T Feature

  • The Series 3800-T is now offering an optional glass stop as a... More

March 2017: Folding / Hinged Door Tooling

  • New automated tooling was introduced into the department that fabricates the Series 3600-T, Series 3900-T, and Series 3200-T products. This CNC machine... More

February 2017: Annual Region Manager Conference

  • Fleetwood's Region Managers from all over North America gathered for a two day conference in early February. Many topics were covered by perhaps the most... More

January 2017: 2017 Advertising

  • In addition to numerous references in digital mediums, e.g. Houzz, Fleetwood will be found in many print lifestyle publications... More

December 2016: New Fixed Window System

  • The Series 510 window has simply been pushed out of the product line by... More

November 2016: New Fixed Window System

  • The Design Committee began laying out the platform for the 4800-T Window Wall. This new fixed system... More

October 2016: Casement Window Hardware Changes

  • Casement window hardware changes are in motion for the Series 250-T and Series 2000 window lines. The most recent changes... More

September 2016: Large Window-Wall Sizes

  • Over the past several weeks, Fleetwood's Engineering Department has conducted a series of R & D testing to verify water and structural performance at large window-wall sizes. The details... More

August 2016: Series 3900-T

  • Fleetwood's hallmark hinged door is the Series 3900-T and the hinges have just been improved. Specifically... More

July 2016: Sub Floor Draining

  • Fleetwood's unique sub floor draining system for Series 3070 & 3070-T now comes with larger and stronger couplings. The new design allows for quick threading of 1" pipe instead of 1/2" as previously provided.

June 2016: Archetype Narrow Hardware

  • Fleetwood's Archetype Narrow Hardware (Patented) has undergone a recent design improvement that will be available once existing stock is depleted.  More

May 2016: Black Screen Holders

  • Dark bronze anodized casement, awning and hopper windows will soon come standard with.... More

April 2016: Next Generation Sliding Door

  • Fleetwood's "next generation sliding door" design has undergone several recent advances in design. For more information review the link under the Coming Soon section on the home page.

March 2016: Steel Look

  • In August 2015 we announced a design change for the Steel Look option (Series 250-T window & Series 3500 hinged doors). The new design is now ready! More

February 2016: Recent Testing

  • We have recently added to our growing list of impact rated products. The following is a list of offerings: More

January 2016: A3 Roller Improvements

  • The A3 is Fleetwood's flagship precision roller for its premium line of multi-slide/pocket doors. The Engineering Department has made improvements to this roller to make it even more elite. As current inventory is depleted the new generation will be introduced. More

December 2015: Casement/Awning Hardware Redesign

  • The roto gear housing for Series 250-T and Series 2000 has recently undegone a facelift of sorts. More

November 2015: New Folding Door Released

  • The Series 3600-T folding door is now available. Dealers will have access to pricing information after the special (Mid-December) download is completed. The lead-times will begin at 16 weeks but will reduce rapidly as the factory begins production. The online product page will be posted before January 1, 2016 and the 3600-T will be included in the next printing of the main brochure (February 2016.)

October 2015: Hurricane Testing Series 3070

  • The testing protocol has been completed. The formal test report certification will not be finalized until mid December 2015.

September 2015: Fiberglass Fixed Window System

  • On October 1st the 3850-F was made available for purchase (see April 2015 Spotlight for original announcement.) More

August 2015: Steel Look Redesign

  • The current Steel Look option that is available on Series 3500 and Series 250-T products is undergoing a design change. More

July 2015: Improved Finish Warranty

  • Fleetwood is excited to announce a finish warranty characteristic of the best aluminum product on the market. More

June 2015: Continued Impact Testing

  • The Series 3900-T hinged door has recently passed an OHHO 201" x 120" HVHZ test at +-50 PSF. More

May 2015: Series 3050 NFRC Tested & Labeled

  • Customers can now achieve a U-Factor as low as .48. More

April 2015: Fiberglass Fixed Window System

  • UPDATE - The launch date has been moved to October 1st. Additional time was required to perfect the painting and fabrication processes. On August 1, 2015 we will launch a fiberglass fixed system that emulates our Series 3800-T. The new system, Series 3850-F, will be stocked in a black and silver paint to resemble both stock finishes. More

March 2015: Large Window Walls

  • The Series 3800-T is a slim fixed system that is capable of filling large openings. We recently added new modules to Snapshot estimating software, which provides real-time wind load and deflection data that is based on L/175. More

February 2015: Updated Brochure

  • In addition to the latest product facts and updated pictures, the latest version includes a new format for hardware pages.

January 2015: Stainless Steel Butt Hinges

  • Our slimmest casement window is now even leaner. The standard butt hinge is a 3” base stainless steel hinge with an even smaller barrel than the optional aluminum hinge.

December 2014: Product Name Changes

  • Beginning 1-1-15 all products will only be identified by the series number. For example, the Norwood Series 3000 will simply be the Series 3000. Thermally broken products will be designated with a -T, e.g. Series 3300-T. Additionally, extensions such as "EX" have been removed, e.g. Series 3070-EX is now Series 3070.

November 2014: Revit Drawings

  • To assist architects, Fleetwood has created an ever-expanding library of Revit files. The following products have been created:
    • Series 3070 (Pocket/Multi-Panel Sliding Door)
    • Series 3070-T (Pocket/Multi-Panel Sliding Door)
    • Series 3050 (Pocket/Multi-Panel Sliding Door)
    • Series 3000 (Traditional Sliding Door)
    • Series 3200 (Hinged Door)
    • Series 3800-T (Window-Wall Fixed)
    • Series 250-T (Casement/Awning/Hopper)
    • Series 2000 (Casement/Awning/Hopper)

October 2014: Expanding Archetype Narrow Part II

  • The Archetype Narrow is now available in the thermally broken Premium door series products (3070-T and 3300). Much of the delay stemmed from our desire to create a new extrusion for the lock stile. We wanted to use modern techniques, e.g. polybide struts, instead of pour and de-bridge thermal breaks.

September 2014: Energy Code Compliance

  • We have recently posted a document that should answer many questions regarding IECC 2012. Energy Code Compliance

August 2014: Extreme Height Sliding Doors

  • How is Fleetwood able to provide 18' sliding doors in the Series 3070 and 12' sliding doors in the Series 3070-T? Aside from the unique tracking system and rollers (Swiss Bearings) these doors come equipped with High Performance (HP) verticals that do not widen the sight-lines but provide exceptional rigidity. HP 3070  HP 3070-T

July 2014: Expanding Archetype Narrow Part I

  • The Archetype Narrow is now available in the non-thermally broken Premium door series products (3070, 3050 and 3000). The options are electro-polished, brushed stainless steel and black painted stainless steel.

June 2014: Slimmer Hinged Door

  • The newest addition to the Fleetwood product family is the Series 3200-T hinged door. The Tahoe is a slimmer version of the Series 3900-T yet offers tremendous strength and the quality that comes with all Fleetwood products.

May 2014: Stainless Steel Butt Hinge

  • The standard butt hinge for Series' 250-T and 2000 casement windows is made of aluminum. Fleetwood just released an optionally, even stronger hinge. Though 25% smaller than the standard hinge, the new design is considerably stronger, making it the right choice for larger vents. Moreover, since it is constructed of #316 alloy stainless, it is a better choice near salt spray. Each hinge is available in a painted black finish or an electro-polished brushed stainless.

April 2014: Custom Angle Corner Doors

  • Sliding corner doors, other than at 90 degrees, require special fabrication. Fleetwood provides solid aluminum shapes for custom angle corner doors whereas most use brake metal. Because brake metal is an inferior alloy compared to 6063 extruded aluminum, it lacks the strength needed to pass the building codes for locking security. Additionally, the solid aluminum shapes provided by Fleetwood can be anodized to match the rest of the door whereas brake metal aluminum anodizing crazes at the corners, causing many manufacturers to paint this section.

March 2014: The Best Screens

  • EVERY Fleetwood screen frame is constructed of extruded aluminum. This is especially important for strength and finish compatibility when anodized. Most other manufacturers use roll formed aluminum, which cannot match anodized extruded aluminum. Additionally, EVERY screen comes standard with UltraVue screen mesh by Phifer. Compare the differences firsthand.

February 2014: Clear Anodizing

  • Fleetwood is the only known window manufacturer to stock a Class I Clear Anodize finish that includes a proprietary process to drastically reduce cooling lines. The result is an impeccable finish. Compare Fleetwood's finish to any other aluminum product on the market by asking for a large sample of existing stock.

January 2014: Rolex vs. Timex

  • The sliding door industry boasts that it offers "precision bearings" on rollers it buys from the hardware industry. However, only Fleetwood goes to Switzerland for its authentic and certified Swiss precision bearings and then assembles these in our American made rollers. Rolex vs Timex.

December 2013: Multi-Slide Door Sub-Sillpan Improvements

  • This water evacuation system is quickly becoming a common upgrade. Since releasing it to the market (Fall 2012) it has improved in appearance and performance.

November 2013: Archetype Narrow Release Date - This long awaited hardware will be released in three phases:

  • Series 1070, Series 1050 and Series 1000 (accepting orders January 2014)
  • Series 3070, Series 3050 and Series 3000 (accepting orders June 2014)
  • Series 3070-T and Series 3300 (accepting orders Summer/Fall 2014)

October 2013: Tahoe 3200 Released Next Month

  • The Snapshot software will be updated in December to include the Series 3200 so quoting can commence. Production lead-times will be long until all tooling has been received and the department is fully trained. The first production items should not be expected to ship until March 2014.

    Update - February 12, 2014: The Series 3200 will be available for pricing today. Authorized dealers will get the software update March 3, 2014. Orders will be accepted after April 31, 2014.

September 2013: Improved Hinge Screen

  • As highlighted in the June Spotlight the new design is fully operational.

August 2013: NEW Slim Line Hinged Door

  • Last year we announced that the Series 3200 hinged door would be released sometime in 2013. We are only a few months away but wanted to provide some cross section details for early review. The factory is expecting to begin taking orders in November.

July 2013: NEW Thermal Lock-Stile

  • Designs have been completed on a new stile that will accommodate the upcoming Archetype Narrow hardware (Fall 13'). This new style will be a thin line option for the Series 3300 and Series 3070-T doors.

June 2013: Improved Hinged Screen

  • Since the middle of 2012 we have offered a hinged screen solution for cam handle casement windows. Prior to our hinged screen customers used a wicket style (see image), which was crude and unsightly. Within the next few months we are releasing a whole new hinge and screen design.

May 2013: Threshold Protection

  • We are now offering brake aluminum shapes for jobsite threshold protection. The shapes will be made to fit the door track configuration and can easily be installed. We considered tightly fitting plastic protection but discovered it does not help keep construction debris out of the sill. The method we chose is simple but effective.

April 2013: Narrow Style Hardware Design

  • Our entry level sliding door products (Series' 1070, 1050, 1000) come with hardware available from the "industry", which is primarily overseas production. The quality of this hardware falls short of our customer's expectations. We have made a commitment to design our own hardware, which will aptly be called "Archetype Narrow". It will come standard on all entry level sliding doors silver painted but will also be offered on the premium product lines (Series' 3070, 3050, 3300, 3000) with a narrow lock stile and in #316 alloy stainless steel. The designs were completed weeks ago and we anticipate the arrival by September.

March 2013: High Performance Interlocker 3070-T / 3300

    • Our October 2012 spotlight concerned three products in development. Two of those items (thermally broken interlockers) have just been completed and are now available for quoting and purchase. The standard interlocker is similar to the current shape but with struts instead of poured in place thermal material. The High Performance interlocker is a new design and will allow the Series 3300 and Series 3070-T to be made with greater height and wind performance.

February 2013: Casement Limit Device

    • Now shown in the Hinges section of our hardware page is a casement opening limit device. It is designed for butt hinge Series 250-T and Series 2000 windows installed in windy areas. This optional "sash limiter" prevents the casement from opening further than 45 degrees (approximately). Though an option, we default to this device on larger casment windows.

January 2013: New Aluminum Finish Sheets

    • Our newest rendition includes specially formulated paint colors to modestly match the custom earth tone anodic finishes F1- F5. These new sheets are free and are available upon request.

December 2012: Casement/Awning/Hopper Screen Clip Improvement

    • The swivel clip used to attach screens to our Series 250-T and Series 2000 casement, awning and hopper windows is being replaced by a non invasive stainless steel spring clip. Orders shipping in April will come with this new clip. Orders shipping prior to April can be ordered without screens and later be retrofitted easily.

November 2012: Window-Wall Inserts

    • Our Series 3800 window-wall system is a dynamic construct that allows many configurations. One such feature is the "inserts" option, which allows operable windows to be easily inserted, reducing sight lines and avoiding sealant joints.

October 2012: New Products & Additions

    • ONE: Designs are completed for the Series 3200-T hinged door. It has begun the five-month development process and is on pace to be ordered by March 2013.
    • TWO: The Series 3070-T and Series 3300 sliding doors will soon have a new style interlocker AND a high performance option. The factory is currently verifying the first articles and anticipate to have finished material on the factory floor by December 1st. The new design has rigid struts in place of the poured-in-place polyurethane.

September 2012: Sub Sillpan Test Results / Concept

    • Our proprietary "sub sillpan" has changed the way the market looks at a "flush sill" application. This innovation offers a threshold flush with the finished floor AND provides water performance rivaling that of a multi-story commercial project.

August 2012: Patent Granted!

    • The patent process is painstaking and takes years. Just recently, Fleetwood received its Patent on our Archetype Hardware. Since designed, this perfect blend of function & form continues to set the benchmark for quality sliding door hardware.

July 2012: Series 3900-T Door "Rolls Out"

    • After close to two years of design and development, the Series 3900-T is finally ready for purchase.

June 2012: Recent Hurricane Test Results - Series 850-T / Series 3070-HI

    • We have recently passed a new menu of impact rated windows and doors.