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Hinged Doors vs Storefront

Fleetwood Vs Storefront Doors - - Part I: Commercial storefront doors are not intended to resist weather. Water and air infiltration are normal symptoms. The Series 3500 was designed to resist weather.
Fleetwood Vs Storefront Doors - - Part II: Fleetwood's frame corners look residential unlike the commercial look of storefront doors.
Fleetwood Vs Storefront Doors - - Part III: Because Fleetwood doors were engineered for luxury homes they have the advantage of effective waterproof installations. The integral nail fin is unique to hinged doors on the market. You certainly will not get nail fins on storefront doors.
Fleetwood Vs Storefront Doors - - Part IV: Typical storefront doors come with commercial hardware which is cumbersome to operate. The "thumb turn" spins more than 720 degrees making it hard to tell if the door is locked or unlocked. In contrast, Fleetwood doors are operated with one handle that actuates the locking system and attractive thumb turn for a dead bolt. To add even more value, the Series 3500 hardware is made of corrosion resistant materials.
Fleetwood Vs Storefront Doors - - Part V: Storefront doors have deep hollow rails. This is a hidden disadvantage that rears its head when it rains. This huge cavity fills with water and some of this water will end up in your home. Fleetwood rails are designed to evacuate water immediately.
Fleetwood Vs Storefront Doors - - Part VI: Our hinges were designed for luxury homes and come equipped with adjustment points that any "do it yourselfer" can do (instructions available online). Storefront doors offer crude methods of adjusting e.g. "jack screw" and typically require a technician to come to your home.
Fleetwood Vs Storefront Doors - - Part VII: Take note of the hinges on storefront doors because there are several types. One thing is constant though, these hinges do not match the door frame unless it is either black or silver. Regardless of the frame color, we finish the hinges to match perfectly.
Fleetwood Vs Storefront Doors - - Part VIII: The strength of each vent corner is unrivaled, especially when compared to storefront doors. Every vent corner is keyed and welded for strength and long life. This feature allows Fleetwood to provide exceptional sizes well beyond typical storefront doors.